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Lesson 1, Topic 77
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Nevertheless, with the UK’s exit from the European Union finalised in January 2021, expect the debate to intensify in Britain. In 2012, UK Parliament undertook an investigation into whether a codified constitution would be a good thing for the UK. The report said one of the major barriers to a UK codified constitution was its membership of the EU, which meant any new document could not contradict EU treaties. Nine years on, UK Parliament has more scope to define the laws of the land without outside interference, providing an opportunity to write a new codified constitution in the exact way that it wishes. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is a hotly argued matter of strong opinions.

If the UK Government does decide to go down this road, it needs to ensure that a government more than one-hundred years into the future is bound by strict non-negotiable values, such as freedom and rights for all, while also allowing constitutional judges scope to adapt the interpretation of the constitution to meet the demands and values of that time.

Achieving that right balance would be a very difficult job in practice.